What is Pig Dinner?

Phi Gamma Delta's Norris Pig Dinners are the most widely observed and longest continually running, chapter-based, annual graduate event in the Greek world. The first Pig Dinner was held at the University of California Berkeley in 1893. In 1902, the Pig Dinner was dedicated in memory of Frank Norris (California Berkeley 1894), whose sense of humor created the event that has become an annual ceremony throughout Phi Gamma Delta. A full history of the event's origins can be found here.

The Venue

Over the years, the Tau Kappa has started several traditions in regards to pig dinner, first and foremost being our choice of venue. Inspired by similar buildings at Oxford University, Hart House was established in 1911 at the University of Toronto as one of the first student activity centres in North America. For the past several decades, the Tau Kappa chapter has observed Pig Dinner in the beautiful 19th century Gothic-revival style music room. In addition to the stunning architecture and close proximity to the chapter house, our chapter also chooses this venue due the talented event staff. Throughout the years, Hart House event staff have helped us with everything from planning to execution and we are always grateful for their hospitality.

The Food

You simply can't have pig dinner without a pig. This year's pig was roughly 35lbs and was purchased from Sanagan's Meat Locker in Kensington Market (arguably the best butcher shop in Toronto). When paired with the baked brie appetizer, wine, and Ontario-grown root vegetables, the pig resulted in an excellent side dish along with the tangerine-glazed game hen entrée. All in all, the Hart House kitchen never fails to impress.

Bringing in the pig is considered an honor
The pig's head gets auctioned off as a chapter fundraiser

Keynote Speaker

Every year the planning committee invites a brother to give a keynote presentation. This year the keynote speaker was Alan Spindel. Throughout his career, Alan has worked mostly overseas in Australia and was by a stroke of luck that he happened to be in town on business. As a result, his keynote presentation focused on the idea of working over seas and how one could go about doing so.

Silver Owl Awards

Silver Owl Awards are given to brothers who have been a member of Phi Gamma Delta for 25 years. This year Silver Owls were given out to Val Chlistovsky, Bob Boothby, and Simon Michellepis who were long overdue for this award.

If you are a graduate who has not received his Silver Owl award yet, please let us know!

A final thank you

We'd like to give a big thank you to all the brothers who came out to the 96th annual Frank Norris Pig Dinner. Without you, this event would not be possible

-Alan Powichrowski