Phi Sigma Tau

In 1907, four engineers attending the University of Toronto were interested in establishing a relationship based on friendship and mutual help. Those four were: Gordon Park Stirrett, George Hudson Fieldhouse Adams, William Elmer Janney, and John Earle Grady. Nine men were added to this group and they came together to found Phi Sigm Tau, a moniker for Physical Sciences at the University of Toronto. All the brothers of Phi Sigma Tau were accomplished both within the university and on the battlefield. These men went to war during World War I (with three brothers dying in action) and as a result, the chapter lay dormant for three years. Between 1916 and 1919, the fraternity became dormant and the house at 8 Willcocks was relinquished.

123 St. George Street was purchased by the chapter in 1923 at a cost of $30,000
Phi Sigma Tau class of 1915


When the brothers returned from Europe and began classes in the fall of 1919, they went back to their fraternal activities. A house was purchased at 123 St. George Street (currently a Rotman commerce building), and Phi Sigma Tau was thriving once again. In 1923, the brothers of Phi Sigma Tau petitioned the Fraternity of Phi Gamma Delta for membership as one of its chapters. On September 6th 1923, a charter was granted by Phi Gamma Delta and the Alpha Chapter of Phi Sigma Tau became the Tau Kappa (Toronto, Canada) chapter of Phi Gamma Delta. With the granting of Tau Kappa’s charter, Phi Gamma Delta became an international fraternity. On December 8th 1923, a delegation from the Pi Chapter at Allegheny College and the Chiefs of Sections III and IV came to Toronto to install the new chapter. This day fell on a Saturday, and this is why Tau Kappa holds its annual Pig Dinner on the first Saturday of each December. On this date, all those members of Phi Sigma tau who were not deceased were initiated into Phi Gamma Delta.

The Tau Kappa chapter house in 1970
Fifty years and one tiger later...

Present and Future

Since 1923, Tau Kappa has grown considerably. Many famous and successful men have passed through her doors. Many traditions have been started and perpetuated including the The Pig Dinner, the Tiger and many others. Tau Kappa has moved twice since 1923. In 1967 we moved to 301 Huron St., and in 1971 we moved to our present location of 45 Madison Ave. Tau Kappa has a long and glorious history of service to its own brothers, the international fraternity, the university and the community. It is up to us to carry on this history, enhance it and make it our own.

-Anonymous, edited by Vakho Lomtadze